Boycott Animal Circuses

People are often shocked to learn that not only does circus captivity physically harm animals but they have a huge psychological effect too.

Circus animals show clear signs of mental distress such as bobbing their heads repeatedly and swaying side to side so this campaign that I did during my final year of University sought to expose this and encourage people to boycott animal circuses immediately.

Bobble-head toys are used to illustrate the point alongside a circus theme.





Big Brands Killing It With These Creative Ad’s

These are some great ads I found on pinterest by 3 massive brands that have clearly got their creative content well-figured out.

Rayban is making the most of the guerilla advertising craze with this sunglasses ad on the left that cleverly grabs your attention. Creating a shadow on the bus stop floor with the iconic shape and logo gives an unmissable, bold advertisement (although not very useful at night or on a dreary day).

Mcdonalds are also using guerilla advertising in this night-ad in the middle. They use the classic billboard lights to replicate their logo, the big M. Although this M isn’t quite the same as their logo and the ad doesn’t even say ‘McDonald’s’, it is such a hugely well-known brand that it can get away with being recognised instantly as McDonald’s anyway – #brandgoals

Lastly, Play-Doh is combating our obsession with technology and appealing to the modern parent with this minimal ad on the right. Bringing it back to the basics, Play-Doh reminds people of the fun you can have without the use of potentially irritating technology.