Amazing Compartés Chocolatier Packaging Designs

Have you ever seen such captivating chocolate bar packaging before?

After a major Instagram stalk I am in love with the packaging for Compartés Chocolatier Bars. The brand’s other products are also well-designed but the packaging for their bars are so varied, detailed and engaging.

The multiple flavours and themes allow for all sorts of interesting imagery and the compositions just work, every time.

What a beautiful example of wacky, patterned designs.

Some of my favourite, colourful examples taken from their Instagram account are shown below.



My Lips Montage

Why not post something original, made by me.

I photographed this self-portrait montage a few years ago. Though I would do some things differently nowadays, I am still happy with this colourful creation.

I was aiming for weird and wonderful, with icing, toothpaste and even a Russian doll as props. After lots of re-arranging and Photoshopping this balanced 9-part image is fun and flirty.