Alchemist Branding

Ever since I went with a few friends for some cocktails at The Alchemist Bar in Leeds I have loved their identity.

Their branding is everything that is ‘in’ right now and appeals to all audiences everywhere.

With a huge focus on geometry, The Alchemist designs are detailed, artistic and clever. The intricate line illustrations are powerful and entrancing, with both new and old influences.

This bar is trending alongside its quirky, smart designs that stray from the usual bar/restaurant identity, giving you something more interesting to look at on your menu when you’re choosing which cocktail you’re in the mood for.




Gold Gold Gold

Got to love a bit of gold.

I came across this series of captivating images from and I loved them.

I have always been interested in photographing movement, starting with a photography project I did years ago using coloured ink in different liquid substances. There’s something so soothing and entrancing about moving liquid (or gas in this case also). This series shows deluxe gold mid-movement and I could stare at them for hours.

It is a clean, bright, attractive set of images and the beauty is in the detail of the gold. My favourite, the smokey cigarette, looks like a whimsical statue with infinite swirls and curls. The pastel coloured backgrounds and the highlights / shadows complete the images perfectly.

Blog 2

#1 Post

This is the post excerpt.

My first post! Ahh!


I have started this account to share & inspire.

I am a young graphic designer with a huge passion for all things design – whether it’s a cool typeface or a sleek web design, if something within the realm of design catches my eye I’ll be sure to post about it.

Hoping to share my work, comment on others and collect inspiration.