Illustrative Infographic for Work

Near the start of my year at Brandnation I was tasked with creating an illustrative infographic displaying the new company rewards scheme. I was given a specific style of illustration to follow and I am glad to say it is now live on their website.

Working to an existing style of illustration is interesting as people often have their own techniques and styles that they have to abandon for the sake of the job. Nevertheless, after one or two illustrations it became natural and easy. It involved bold shapes, simplistic design and minimal shadows/highlights.

Being restricted to the house fonts (Gotham and Din) and the 4 Brandnation colours allowed my design to fit with their brand easily. It was a fun task and I’m happy to see my own work online after working at the company for such a short amount of time.

Screen Shot 2016-09-27 at 15.27.07.pngScreen Shot 2016-09-27 at 15.27.24.png

Fudge Fan

I recently stumbled across this rebranding project for Thomas J Fudge’s Remarkable Bakery by Big Fish and particularly liked the illustrative style and contrasting selective colour.

As I am currently working on my own self-initiated branding project I have been doing lots of branding research to see what works and what has been overdone. This old-school drawing style has been uplifted by bright colourful ingredients. With an overall smart, sophisticated look, this brand identity is intricate and effective.

The packaging is image-led, using classic serif fonts and it has a traditional, high-end feel to it. The old portrait-style sketchy drawings and the humour of the oversized, unusual hats creates a light, attractive design. If I saw these products on a shelf alongside the more typical, basic food packaging I would think they looked luxurious and expensive so hat’s off to Big Fish.



Playing Around With Handwritten Typography

With a few hours to spare yesterday I decided to play around with my Wacom tablet to create handwritten fonts. Inspired by the countless quote images I have seen on Instagram I made a range for myself.

Pairing two styles of fonts together was the biggest challenge but the process became easier and quicker in time. Similarly, the ease of using the tablet to create effective fonts came with practise.

I must say that making cheesy, inspirational images didn’t come very naturally to me as I don’t personally follow any of these quote accounts and I find them a bit too cliché but it was a great way to try out different handwriting styles and improve my graphics tablet skills. I would recommend this as a fun way to get better at writing with a tablet and creating a few nice images in the mean time.


Instagram quote inspirational .jpg

Instagram Quotes.jpg

My Lips Montage

Why not post something original, made by me.

I photographed this self-portrait montage a few years ago. Though I would do some things differently nowadays, I am still happy with this colourful creation.

I was aiming for weird and wonderful, with icing, toothpaste and even a Russian doll as props. After lots of re-arranging and Photoshopping this balanced 9-part image is fun and flirty.



Alchemist Branding

Ever since I went with a few friends for some cocktails at The Alchemist Bar in Leeds I have loved their identity.

Their branding is everything that is ‘in’ right now and appeals to all audiences everywhere.

With a huge focus on geometry, The Alchemist designs are detailed, artistic and clever. The intricate line illustrations are powerful and entrancing, with both new and old influences.

This bar is trending alongside its quirky, smart designs that stray from the usual bar/restaurant identity, giving you something more interesting to look at on your menu when you’re choosing which cocktail you’re in the mood for.



Gold Gold Gold

Got to love a bit of gold.

I came across this series of captivating images from and I loved them.

I have always been interested in photographing movement, starting with a photography project I did years ago using coloured ink in different liquid substances. There’s something so soothing and entrancing about moving liquid (or gas in this case also). This series shows deluxe gold mid-movement and I could stare at them for hours.

It is a clean, bright, attractive set of images and the beauty is in the detail of the gold. My favourite, the smokey cigarette, looks like a whimsical statue with infinite swirls and curls. The pastel coloured backgrounds and the highlights / shadows complete the images perfectly.

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